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Oakland Park & Ft Lauderdale's FL ECO-Friendly  Auto Center is a Veteran and family-owned tire and car repair facility. ECO-Friendly Auto Center has woven itself into the fabric of the surrounding community.  ECO-Friendly Auto Center has become the place to go for auto service and tires.  Come see why ECO-Friendly Auto Center has come to symbolize excellence in tires and auto service.  We are also an authorized FIRESTONE BRIDGESTONE dealer. 


ECO-Friendly Auto Center has a first class devotion to customer service.  Our mission is to WOW our customers by proactively responding to their automotive service needs in a time-crunch world, where employees and customers are treated like family.

Eco-Friendly Auto Center does not stop with tires.  Whether you drive an import or domestic ECO-Friendly Auto Center is recognized as the top car repair shop in the area for automotive service.  ECO-Friendly Auto Center has certified professionals who undergo constant training to keep current on all makes and models of vehicles. Lexus, Honda, Toyota, Volkswagen, Ford, Chevrolet, you name it.  From a simple oil change to a comprehensive 30,000/60,000/90,000 mile scheduled maintenance service.

ECO-Friendly Auto Center has the technicians and the state-of-the-art equipment to service your vehicle, in fact we have more state-of-the-art equipment than any other Independent auto repair shop in Oakland Park, Florida.

In fact, by keeping and maintaining your car for 15 years, or 225,000 miles of driving, you could save nearly $31,000, according to Consumer Reports magazine. To read more, click on the article link below:

A. Because it’s dry, nitrogen doesn’t damage rubber tires. Its large molecules – three to four times larger than oxygen – don’t leak as fast as oxygen. NitroFill™ helps drivers maintain a proper tire pressure and decreases rolling resistance while reducing wear, saving money, and increasing safety. NitroFill improves fuel economy up to 10%, boosts tire life up to 30%, and reduces the chance of tire failure up to 50%. 








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